Ozera Kitchen 200 Popsicle Bags, Zipper Ice Pop Bags for Kids Adults

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Ideal Snack at the Party: If you're going to hold a satisfying pool party or birthday party in limited time, these popsicle molds bags will be a time and energy saviour.

Mutiple-uses: Cut fruits into pieces, prepare smoothies, add any ingredients you want, fill popsicle bags and freeze them for camping, picnics, snacks, kids parties, boating and trips for a fraction of the cost of store bought frozen snacks.

Convenient Zip Design: These freezer pop bags can be zip sealed to make no mess. Forget about messy freezers and sticky backpacks. You're able to tear from the seal without any effort and then enjoy it. Enjoy the healthy homemade snack popsicles no matter where you go.

Material: Our Ice pop bags are made of excellent material which is reusable, portable and easy to store can make pouring a breeze.

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Good Quality Popsicle Pouches, DIY Zipper Ice Pop Bags for Ice Cream Candy Yogurt Tubes Party Favors for Kids Healthy Snacks or Disposable Popsicle Bags, Freeze Pop Bags with Zip Seals, Pack of 150

Ice candy plastic bags by Ozera Kitchen will help you make your own healthy frozen popsicles, kids yogurt or ice candy for a fraction of the cost of store bought sugar loaded frozen snacks.

About the product
- With the help of these popsicle bags, you can prepare tasty snacks full of vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, and energy.
- Add fruit, chopped vegetables, candy, yogurt, granola, oat, dark chocolate, honey, nuts and anything that comes into your mind.
- Make your own ice pop bags for birthday parties, pool getaways, BBQ gatherings, camping trips, boat rides, picnics, beach excursions, etc.
- Say no to sugar loaded snacks and shoody-made popsicles.
- NOTE: Don't freeze too full and make sure to leave about 1/2 inch(15mm) of space at the top

Here's Why These Disposable Popsicle Bags are the Right Ones for You:
- Good quality popsicle bags. Large size 8.66''x2.36'' for endless fun.
- Durable, side reinforced and zip sealed popsicle molds bags.
- Make DIY snacks such as ice candy tubes, juice pops, smoothies, fruit salads, frozen yogurt sticks, ice cream, popsicles icicles and so on.
- Package includes 150 disposable popsicle bags.
- It comes along with a green funnel to make pouring a breeze.